Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Happy Birthday Celebration for Kamila

Happy Birthday Celebration for Kamila
Well it has been a while now since Kamila's arrival in Bulgaria and today was a very special day, it was Kamila's birthday. Now Kamila being a female Camel and past the age of being a child camel she never gives her age away anymore.

It was quite fun today trying to guess Kamila's age, all here friends includng Eli, Marta and others had a go, but even if they guessed right Kamila still wouldn't say. We all tell here she looks just as young as she did on her last birthday, and indeed she does.

The post is irregular in Bulgaria so we hand delvidered here a birthday card this morning. It is written in Bulgarian, but Kamila knew what it said anyway. "Not much guessing needed there," she said as she admired the flowers on the front of the card.

She also got a present of a box of chocolates, now many might think that that's not a lot for a birthday present, but in Bulagria it is the thought behind the present rather thant the value or how impressive the present is. In fact it would be quite embarsassing to give someone a present that costs a fortune, this of course is the way of the western traditions, not Bulgaria. Kamila is understanding Bulgaria very well now as she thanked us and offerred everyone a chocolate from the box of chocolates that was her present.

We have a little surprise for Kamila this evening as we have cooked some cabbage, Kamila's favourite and will be eating it tonight with a little drink calledboza, a very low alcohol millet fermented drink. It may end up with song and dance by the end of the evening. And as a special treat we will be taking Kamila to the Skalitsa Farmhouse to see her friends there this weekend. She doesn't know yet, so lips sealed until tonight please.

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2 comments: on "Happy Birthday Celebration for Kamila"

Digital Polaroids said...

21st is my mother's bday too.

NanjoDogz said...

Happy Birthday Kamila!