Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Hunting and Killing for Fun

Hunting and Killing for FunIt was a Kamila that was shocked totalling today as she naturally wanted to find out what animal skin was hanging up on the bedroom wardrobe.

Not used to human ways really showed as Kamila was told that this was a fox skin. She asked why the fox was killed and this was the shock factor to her. We explained that fox skin is very popular with many people and the fox is killed purely for fashion. We went on to explain that the fox was not killed for its meat and that many people hunt foxes just for the pleasure of the kill. These people are usually rich.

Kamila just couldn't understand how people can be so shallow minded as she looked at here own coat of fur which was just as attractive as the fox's. We knew what she was thinking.

Kamila was made to understand that hunting happens in Bulgaria but hunting although a popular hobby is also a practical activity. The meat is eaten by products from the successful hunt is all used, i.e. nothing wasted. Furthermore hunting is for everyone here, not just for the rich.

It was a confused Kamila looking at this fox and wondering about lots of things. Well she has good reason to we suppose.

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