Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Where is Bulgaria?

Where is Bulgaria?It was quite a curious Kamila who found a globe of the world on a shelf today. The questions started directly she saw it. After explaining that a globe was like a map on a football, the curiosity now focussed on where different countries were including of course Egypt, England and Bulgaria, all countries Kamila had lived in.

It was quite a shock to Kamila that Bulgaria was so small compared to many other countries and that Europe wasn't that big either. "Russia is a big country," Kamila commented as she surveyed the globe further.
"Well, most of Russia is cold, it can't grow food like we can here," we reminded Kamila.

All evening Kamila studied the globe with fascination as she discovered more and more about where different countries are in relation to where we are.

At the end of the evening just before it was time to go to bed, Kamila just paused for thought again and said. "It doesn't matter where you come from in this world, as long as you have respect for other nationalities."

Well we didn't know what to say in reply to that coming from a seemingly ever-wiser camel. But we agreed with what she said as she put her head down to sleep.

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