Monday, 12 January 2009

After Shave for Women

After Shave for WomenQuite often Kamila sees me shave in the mornings, not recently with this spell of cold weather as Kamila is safely tucked away in the warmth of her bed in the dining room. This is the only heated room in the house during the day and night, it is far too cold anywhere else in the house for a desert camel.

So Kamila knew that after my shave after shave was put on, firstly as a soothing and disinfectant agent after the shave and secondly as a nice smell to go around in for the rest of the day. This of course is normally man business; women have their own perfumes, even though they shave sometimes! Kamila had seen my partner Galia this evening getting ready to go out. There in her hand was my after shave.

"What are you going to do with Martin's after shave?" she asked.

"I like the smell so I will use some for myself before I visit friends," was the reply.

"But this is for men not women," Kamila argued.

Galia responded by saying "Just because it says 'men's after shave' on the bottle doesn't mean that only men have to use it. I have many perfumes that smell the same but have for ladies on the bottle."

Kamila thought for a moment and being a much wiser camel by the minute said. "So the people who make after shave and perfume make it out of the same chemicals and just put for men or women on the packet to get more money?

"Exactly!" Galia sighed

Kamila's face dropped for a moment, but then realising that we are now more clever than the businesses that do this perked up again.

"They can't fool us; can I use some as well? Kamila asked. I want to smell nice and use men's after shave as a protest.

"Okay Kamila, just watch out though, as all the camel boys will be after you if they get the scent!

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3 comments: on "After Shave for Women"

Anonymous said...

dropping EC here..and kissed ur ads..hope to see u at mine!
take care!


We love Kamila! My kids and I will be back to check her adventures. Love the globe!

Anonymous said...

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