Monday, 27 April 2009

Entrecard - Kamila Now Looking for Drop Swap Sites

Entrecard - Kamila Now Looking for Drop Swap SitesKamila has been with Entrecard for around six months now and a lot of water has passed under the bridge over that time. Kamila has here own views of this debatable community service that Entrecard offer.

Kamila feels that she owes Entrecard something despite the leaning towards a money-geared system that compromises the community. She has made many friends through Entrecard, in fact nearly all here friends are or used to be Entrecard users. The idea that she will continue to make new friends with the existing community there and make and little bit of money with advertisers appeals to Kamila - The best of both worlds as she says. After all her objective is to make a bit of money to help pay her way with her new Bulgarian life

Entrecard - Kamila Now Looking for Drop Swap Sites
So right now, Kamila will continue with Entrecard and may even give a little dropping in the process, something that she hasn't done for ages, but it will be selective and only done to friends and those who will drop back to here. What she won't do though it spend hours a day dropping to every Tom, Dick and Harry especially now the growing season is in full swing in Bulgaria.

Anyone who wants to swap daily drops with Kamila just give her your link details and she'll do the business without fail.

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