Monday, 8 August 2011

Kamila out of Hibernation

It was a tired Kamila this time last year, too much happened within a short space of time that she didn't know what hit here. The result was an exhausted Camel who needed to take time to recuperate and reflect on what was happening in her life.

Now Kamila has come to terms with the situation she finds herself in and is keen to learn more about here surrounding and the life she now lives. It is indeed a Bulgarian environment that she has accepted and takes the rough with the smooth.

From her days in Hamleys the toy shop in London, this is now a far cry. Today she saw the news from London with petty criminals looting shops, gangs attacking police and vandalising everything in their path. She felt so sorry for those she left there in the wake of this. No such thing in Bulgaria from what she has seen here so far, even though the poverty is far worse!

Kamila now looks forward to observing and telling what she finds.

Happy days ahead.
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4 comments: on "Kamila out of Hibernation"

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