Thursday, 6 August 2009

Adgitize Pays Dividends Again

Adgitize Pays Dividends Again“Wow!” says Kamila after reading an email from Adgitize. This month’s payment fo9r Kamila’s and the team in Bulgaria surpass any previous month with a staggering $23.71. All this for tons of traffic coming in for $14 per month advertising fee of the month leaving a clear profit of $9.71.

Amount: $23.71 USD
Transaction Date: Aug 5, 2009
Transaction ID: 2***************
Subject: Adgitize Publisher Payment July 2009

This month Ken Brown (Mr Adgitize) has set up a competition with a top prize of $75, yes a hard cash prize. You do nothing other than what you normally do on Adgitize, that is, write posts, click on 51 other Adgitize members’ widgets whilst dropping on Entrecard widgets then sit back and relax. That’s exactly what Kamila does.

Kamila still thinks in terms of time spent on Adgitize, the traffic it generates, the money it generates and the excellent communication and leadership of Adgitize Ken Brown this is the best ‘link exchange’ system around.

It must only be a matter of time before Adgitize becomes a bigger entity. Kamila can’t understand why only around 130 are subscribing to advertising right now. Perhaps some think it is too good to be true. Even if you don’t advertise you are still earning so it is well worth dipping in. there have been many bloggers who have done trials on Adgitize and all Kamila has read about give positive feedback and they continue to run with it.

Kamila invites you to join Adgitize, it’s free and just takes a couple of minutes.

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