Friday, 21 August 2009

Entrecard Verse Adgitize - Time And Traffic

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Kamila has been looking at the statistics coming from traffic generated from Entrecard and Adgitize and she has found some very interesting and revealing figures. Besides the type of traffic the is generated, and we all know that the bulk is drop and run, these two methods are some of the most effective forms of getting people to visit your site. Comparing the two is quite difficult as the goalposts are in different places.

Kamila explains:

Entrecard Verse Adgitize - Time And TrafficAdgitize is a paid for advertising medium, that is if you want to get real traffic. But the fee paid is paid back in full with a little over if you post daily and spend a few minutes clicking on 51 of the Adgitize community advertiser’s blogs. So you have to fork out $14 a month (cheaper if over a longer term), which you are more or less guaranteed to get back. Entrecard is different as no fees are paid, but you do pay in any way, that is by time. If you have lots of time dropping you can get vast amounts of traffic and the bonus is credit can now be exchanged for goods which another pay off.

Kamila was just looking at the amount of traffic these two main contenders give giving licence that the fees for Adgitize is cancelled out and both give a little extra as bonuses in cash and material goods and services. It was the time involved in comparison with how many visits and in a nutshell Kamila found that Adgitize won hands down.

As part of a team, one blog under that team Advertises with Adgitize and drops over 200 on Entrecard consistently (Bulgaria Scrapbook). It takes around 10 minutes to drop on the 51 Adgitize widgets each day and post daily as the norm, that’s all. It takes over an hour to drop on 200 plus EC widgets and post don’t give credits anymore. The traffic figures were very surprising. Adgitize generated 145 in the day and Entrecard 123! Kamila knows that Entrecard could generate more if using selective EC members that return drops and drop 300 daily, but that would take another chunk of time.

From this Kamila knows that Adgitize wins in the time verse hits parade. So if you are looking for lots of traffic (over 100 a day) for just working on dropping for 10 minutes a day Adgitize is for you. And the customer service given by Ken Brown is second to none.

Kamila hope this give people a better idea on the sort of numbers of traffic that are involved here.

PS Just a short reminder that Kamila can’t drop on Entrecard over the weekends nowadays.
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4 comments: on "Entrecard Verse Adgitize - Time And Traffic"

cornyman said...

Hi Kamila,

you get on average really 145 visits/day from Adgitize. Are this the actual numbers?

I think in June i had visits in the range of 80 to 120 visits/day, now it's gone down to 60 to 80 visits/day. Sure this is because we have now more than 140 advertisers... As i started advertising it has been around 100 advertisers.

Chances to be seen on the Publisher Ads are now 1/140 instead of 1% *lol*
There has to be done something, too, as soon as we reach 200 advertisers.

Dropping cards in EntreCard is really time-consuming, even when you just drop and run. If you start commenting on one of the interesting posts out there... you shouldn't watch on the clock anymore :-)

Hope you won't leave EntreCard because of the "waste" of time!

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Martin,
The figfure was just taken ad hoc from yesturday's stats from Project Wonderful assessments. Not too scientific, but that's what they showed.

I agree time is the one stumbling block on entrecard and to get to the top you need all day. Like you say commenting, which we do quite often, is often a relief. EC will continue but not on a competitive edge.

Adgtize and Ken I'm sure will account for the near future with the increase in advertisers numbers. He has a caring manner about him from our experience. We'll see.

Have a great weekend

Kamila and Martin

Anonymous said...

I know I am re-evaluating Entrecard. Takes too much time; no one reads my blog. Might as well spend the time on Facebook or something.

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Sharon,

Kamla agrees that the time is the biggest factor and the tpe of traffic you get another. Even full time bloggers must evaluate what is quality time online and Entrecard can't feature too high. It is almost as if Entrecard hold many to ransom with the demands of time they want you to spend on there.

The thinking on whether EC is really worth the time for poor traffic must be on many peoples' mind right now. The only bounus is meeting and making so many good friends here.