Monday, 24 August 2009

Thoughts Of New Ways Of Making More Money By Blogging

Thoughts Of New Ways Of Making More Money By BloggingKamila hope everyone had a great weekend - She did popping peppers on the barbecue!

Back to blogging mode, Kamila has looked again at how you can make more inroads to making money online other than Pay Per Post jobs that a detrimental to your blog in Google assessing PR. Kamila has seen quite clearly this puts so many people off that building their blogs up to qualify for posts then see all their hard work undone isn’t worth the effort.

With AdBrite and AdSense thematic systems that pay for being clicked on, Kamila has found that you need massive traffic to get anywhere near enough just to cover Internet overheads. Kamila’s team has made nearly $200, but it has taken near on 18 months to earn that on AdSense. The AdBrite was experimented on for a couple of months and Kamila earned less than a dollar, no good at all and all down to lack of traffic. Even with hundreds of EC droppers each day, this kind of traffic does not venture into AdSense or AdBrite systems as 99% are drop and run traffic.

So without major traffic and being hoodwinked into thinking that Entrecard traffic does the job, there is a dead end for the vast majority of bloggers trying to earn this way. Other avenues have to be around and the trend nowadays for decent traffic is competitions. Mr Cornyman (Martin) with his blog and the 1,000,000 EC competition has taken the bull by the horns by initiating the biggest competition to date and it will be very interesting to see what kind of results he gets on this blog. He is using Entrecard as the pivotal centre of the competition, nothing wrong with that as Entrecard encourages it, naturally.

There are many other way to make a bit more blogging and Kamila know you have to be quite original in though and almost unique with ideas that might work. She does know that the wheel can be invented time and time again and with this an old method maybe that had become obsolete a few years ago with be re introduced with a new hat and take off again. A year ago the award chain blogging was the top, this has died now, this will of course come back to popularity in the future, but not as we know it.

In the meantime, if you are a EC member give Mr Cornyman some support with sponsoring EC credits, Ad space, hard dosh, or other prizes that might want to give away. Kamila has given ad space and 5000 EC credits and feels good about it, not just from getting good backlinks either! His site is here Cornys Moneypage Blog or just click on the box below for details of the competition.

Join the 1 Million EC-Free Traffic-Contest now!

Happy blogging as always!


25 $ cash prize from
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  40. the fledgling blogger - "Only love can work wonders."
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My own contribution (if someone beats my contribution, i have to top up ;-) ):
25.000 EC + 1 ad space Cornymans Moneypage
25.000 EC + 1 ad space Cornymans Blogreviews
25.000 EC + 1 ad space All about babies and kids
25.000 EC + 1 ad space The One Minute Guide

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cornyman said...

Hi Kamila,

thanks for your review... just linked it to the Front page to give you some of my small PR juice ;-) Let's see how this contest will affect our PR Rating when we get more than 100 backlinks.

Blogger said...

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