Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Promise Of A Short Break to The Seaside


Kamila has decided that the best time go goes away on holiday if you are in business is when everyone else goes on holiday. Why is that? Well Kamila has found that there is very little work to be getting on with, as most people are on vacation right now all the business has ground to a halt and everyone is recharging their batteries.

Kamila mentioned this to her master and convinced him that a small break would be good for all of us. Kamila can’t ever remember being on holiday at the seaside other than an odd weekend or in connection with business. So right now there are plans being made as she types. We are to go to the black sea for maybe three or four days for a break. We can’t afford anything expensive so we will probably end up in a tent or a hut, but we will be spending most of our time on the sand and in the sea. That brings back memories to Kamila.

We will know within the next day or so when we are going and Kamila will make sure she lets everyone know so they don’t think that she is ignoring everyone.

“Yippee!” says Kamila.

p.s. The word count here was 205, an optimum length for a blog – “Ooops I added to it now,” says Kamila
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