Friday, 21 August 2009

A Very Different Home Design Site

A Very Different Home Design SiteKamila has been around and living in many homes, she now thinks that her current home is where she will stay for the duration now. She can’t see herself moving again after having started in Egypt, then to England and now Bulgaria.

Bulgaria to many is a very basic place and the homes they are very simple. Kamila has found that compared to other homes she has lived in their designed are not fashion based. They have been tucked away from the modern world and fashionable home design for so many years it is only now that homes are beginning to take on a modern twist. Of course lack of money doesn’t help either.

It certainly is a fact that many Bulgarian homeowners need Home Improvement Help as Kamila has noticed the lack of real experts here in this field in wanting. In particular there is much room for improvement in Bathroom Design here. It will improve over time of course.

Kamila found a website that is very different to many she has seen on the subject of home improvements and design and she showed a few of her Bulgarian friends, they were quite taken back with the contemporary style and unique way of presenting home design ideas. This was also quite new to Kamila in her much travelled mind. The even had a Do It Yourself Home Inspection which can be made, but Kamila can’t see it happening here as even thought it is good value for money Bulgarians still are quite stuck in their ways and would rather keep their practical styles for now. But others may well want to look at the ideas and modern designs that are now being promoted here, Kamila has not really seen anything like it in the way they present the make up of homes.
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1 comments: on "A Very Different Home Design Site"

Bathroom Vanities said...

I wonder how the houses in Bulgaria look like.

Maybe you should've put pictures to compare.