Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Beef From A Forced Vegetarian's Point Of View

Now Kamila might well upset quite a few people by saying what she is about to say, but she is an honest camel and speaks her mind. There is no point in lying just to please other people who have a different point of view.

This may well be quite a surprise to some who know Kamila and now that she is a vegetarian, this is not by choice but a fate of nature that has designed camel to eat a non-meat diet, but that doesn’t dispel her respect for others who are designed to eat meat such as humans. Humans have teeth designed for meat eating and Kamila fully understands why the passion for meat is so apparent for most humans.

When is comes to meat the most sumptuous choice for many is beef, many a craving is in order for this meat and the choices of beef are quite numerous. Bulgaria is not beef eating country and it is very rarely put on the menu in restaurants or eaten as an staple diet. Cows are usually used for milk here so a beefsteak meal is certainly not a speciality in Bulgaria.

Filet Mignon

America is the biggest beef eating country and arguably the country that produce the best beef for eating. Kamila wouldn’t disagree with this assumption from what she has heard from people who have been there and attended and eaten at restaurants that serve prime beef. One of the favourite beef recipes was the filet mignon steaks that just hit the mark. But this was almost as popular as the gourmet steaks which could be considered at the best beef meal in the world. Kamila is actually wishing she has meat eating teeth at his point.

Back to reality, Kamila has to abstain from meat from this physical stance. She not only has teeth that can’t deal with meat but her digestive system wouldn’t cope either. Kamila knows that the passion for meat eating humans is a natural phenomenon and there is no cribbing from her as to regards to this. She respects all who chose to have a diet of their choice and has not problem or vengeance with meat eaters, even being a vegetarian by default. Lucky cats and dogs is what Kamila is thinking right now.
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