Friday, 7 August 2009

Weekend Blogging And Dropping To Stop?

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Kamila is in a bit of a dilemma from a frugal point of view. Here in Bulgaria Kamila uses the Internet in two places. The first in the City of Yambol in the family home, then at weekends she uses the Internet at the farmhouse in the village. The problem lies in that there are two lots of Internet bills.

The town house monthly Internet connection is 22 leva per month and the farmhouse connection 25 leva per month. Even though the village connection is more expensive it substantially slower than the town connection, it takes hours and hours for sites to be downloaded to drop on and of course only used two days of the week. Kamila doesn’t earn enough to cover the cost of both Internet connections so she is seriously think of just being a 5-day-a week blogger and is trying to weigh up what will be lost by not blogging or dropping on Saturday and Sundays.

It seems such a simple decision to make, but there is a sense of letting the side down by not dropping and clicking on 51 Adgitize ads on those weekend days of the week. This will mean her team’s position will drop like a lead balloon in most communities.

Kamila will be thinking about this all today. The bill for August’s Internet connection is due on the 11th August. Will it be paid or will is be discontinued. It can be started up any time again in the future without penalty, that a bonus. I think we know what the decision will be, after all, there is a life outside Entrecard and Kamila thinks that too many bloggers should get out more at weekend especially in glorious summer days as we have right now.

“Bring back free weekends again!” Kamila says.

The holiday break is now booked. Kamila will let you know when she is off.

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5 comments: on "Weekend Blogging And Dropping To Stop?"

Eli said...

That's correct, Kamila. There's life after Entrecard. If your cost of internet connection is more than the benefits that you can get, then the decision is very clear.

Me, I don't drop usually during the weekends, because there's more to life than dropping Entrecard.

I know that whatever decision you will take must be for the best for you and not for the best of others.

Enjoy life, especially during Saturdays and Sundays.To yourself be true.

Sharon said...

Not to worry, Kamila. Many of us don't drop on weekends or even blog for that matter.

Daisy said...

Kamila, weekends are slow in the blogging world anyway. Enjoy your weekend freedom!

Furkidsmom said...

We think weekends are a good time to relax! Mom doesn't do much Entrecard dropping anymore either. She mostly visits our pals from our reader - we're adding you today!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Sher said...

Hi Kamila,
I agree with you and the other bloggers--there is life outside of Entrecard--you should go out and enjoy time away from the blogosphere and not worry about dropping on the weekends.

Hope you and your humans are having a wonderful vacation!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)