Monday, 3 August 2009

Kamila On Finding The Right Webhosting Company

Kamila On Finding The Right Webhosting Company

It has always been a bit of a mystery to Kamila as to how people choose the right webhosts. So many choices and a maze of information and claims that can be worded to sound so attractive and a, ‘Must have!’ label attached. Kamila is of the opinion that it doesn’t always do what it says on the label.

It is a wiser blogging camel that knows many webhosts just don’t live up the billing that is written up about the service they provide. There are problems that come about that just weren’t mentioned in the promotion. This is natural as there is no point promoting the fault of good or services. What’s more Kamila knows that sometimes you are probably tied in to a contract that has to run its course or lose money cancelling early. On the other hand Kamila thinks that there may be a webhost provider that is perfect for many webmasters, including camel bloggers, but you we just don’t know about them.

Kamila feels that what is needed is a feedback system where customers who have used a range of web hosting services give their opinions of the company. There is no better way of finding out whether that web hosting system is good bad or indifferent as it come from the very people who have actually used it on a day to day basis.

Furthermore in an ideal world, Kamila thinks that a rating should be given to each webhosting company based on certain key criteria such as customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and the quality of technical support. On top of this it should cover a mass of webhosting companies, not just the well known who have been advertising more than others. The greater the choice the more likely a webhost can be found that hit the mark with you

Well Kamila has found a website that does just dedicated to rating webhosting companies through customer reviews and feedback. She found that this is the biggest searchable webhosting directory to date, which gives comprehensive information on all webhosting providers around right now with web hosting plans laid out. Also they give promotional and discount coupons alongside the very useful unedited reviews by real customers.

Kamila suggests that you have a look at some of the articles written up on this site there are some great tips within these article and not just about webhosting reviews. Kamila has always said that before you consider buying anything, do your homework on what’s best for you. This makes homework finding a webhosting company so much easier.

Kamila On Finding The Right Webhosting CompanyKamila says,
“I hope you enjoyed my recommendation, even if you don’t need a webhosting provider right now!”
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