Tuesday, 4 August 2009

When Reserved Means Not Reserved With PayPer Post

When Reserved Means Not Reserved With PayPer Post

Kamila got her first assignment on PayPerPost yesterday, no not the previous post to this, but another one that isn’t published. Why wasn’t it published? Well the little story begins.

Kamila was all excited, an assignment that was worth a measly $1.75, but nearly twice as much at the insulting $1 jobs that she just refuses to touch. It was a quick trip to the sink (oasis) to get a drink of water and then settled herself down to write about twitching eyes. That was what the post was to be about. My goodness she was keen. Then thought that this fee she was to get would buy three days worth of bread for the Bulgarian family that looks after her. She will be earning here keep there at last.

35 minutes later and two spell checks to be sure, she had finished the post. It wasn’t difficult she enjoyed the work and added a picture to enhance the advertisement. It was ready for publishing and went forward with it.

Kamila went back to Pay Per Post to register the job had been done giving the details of the post and her heart dropped. There was a message saying that she hadn’t reserved the post! But she did, it was there, she put the answer the simple question to reserve the post and it was confirmed.

Has this happened to anyone else before? Kamila asks. She felt quite demoralised after that and it was a good job another post assignment came up a few hours later and worth much more than the $1.75 she didn’t earn. What does she do with the post now?

“Life is full of ups and downs!” says Kamila
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1 comments: on "When Reserved Means Not Reserved With PayPer Post"

Mariuca said...

Oh dear sorry to hear about that Kamila, it has never happened to me before though.

Have u tried LinkWorth? I like writing for them and they pay well. Have fun!