Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kamila in Skalitsa

It had been a whole since Kamila had a holiday, in fact when we asked her she didn't know what a holiday was. We had to explain that sometimes it was called a break or a vacation and was something you do when you have time off work.

It seemed that Kamila hadn't ever had a holiday before so we decided to take her to the Skalitsa Farmhouse for a two week break.

When Kamila found out she was all excited and couldn't keep still thinking about what she would find there. She had heard so much about our time there and now she could see for herself.

So, we went and Kamila was fidgety throughout the 35 kilometres car journey. She watched with amazement the fields and animals as we whizzed into the country side.

"I can't wait to get there!" Kamila kept saying every five minutes.

We finally arrived and Kamila saw for herself how beautiful the farmhouse was and countryside around it.

She sat by the living room window just taking all these new things in.

"Tomorrow will be another adventure for you Kamila" we said. "You will be a village camel for two weeks."

Kamila didn't say anything but was just in deep thought, she didn't know what to expect tomorrow.
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