Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hi-Tech Kamila

Kamila was watching television this evening and suddenly the channel changed and from watching 'Deal or No Deal' the Bulgarian News appeared. She just couldn't understand why this happened.

Baba wanted to see the news and she have used the remote controls to change the channel but Kamila didn't know about this.

"How did that happen?" Kamila asked.

We showed her the little remote control set that cane with the television and explained that we can change channels without touching the television.

"Can I have a go?" Kamla eagerly asked.

"Of course Kamila, but only after Baba has seen the latest news." we said.

Half an hour later, after the news, the television was changing channels every few seconds, Kamila was in charge, she thought it was magic the way this worked. We didnt' try to explain how it worked as we didnht' really know ourselves. It was a Hi-Tech Kamila the rest of the evening.
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