Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Linden Tree

It was in the garden by the side of the Skalitsa Farmhouse that Kamila caught sight of a big tree. "What tree is this?" Kamila asked.
"It's a linden tree Kamila, the type of tree that we can pick the flowers in spring and make tea with them, you saw the tea in Yambol." we explained.
Kamila climbed up the tree and nestled herself between the junction of the two main trunks.
"I like it up here." she said as she gazed over the garden wall into the street. You can see all that goes on from up here."
"Yes, Kamila, you can keep guard in your lookout post while I go and make a cup of linden tea."
Kamila kept post and the tea was made, perhaps she'll like to taste the tea now after knowing where it came from.
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