Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Why a Fence?

"Why have you put a wire fence all around you house?" Kamila asked as she surveyed the front garden once again. "If there was no stealing here and no crime wouldn't it be better to take it down, it spoils the view."

"Kamila," we said. The fencing isn't there to keep people out, it is there to keep all the animal out, people aren't a problem but animals are. They would eat all out crops and flowers in a day if they got in!" we added.

We went on to say,"The turkey are the worst, they can fly quite high gettgin over low barriers quite easily and are a nuisance."

Kamila replied by saying. "I didn't realise that and forgot that not all animal are the same as me, they don't know what stealing means, but I do."

"Kamila, you are a very special camel to think like that." we said. Kamila agreed that the fence in the end was a good idea
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