Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sour Grapes

It was a later night last night as Kamila saw the mushroom lights working lighting up the garden. It was like fairyland to Kamila.

Above Kamia's head now in the terrace, there were something special, a natural Bulgarian treasure. She was about to discover the vines which give so much pleasure here.

"Can I try one?" was the cal when Kamila took a closer look.

"They won't taste nice just yet, they need another month before they become sweet and ready to pick and eat." we told here.

That didn't stop Kamila who had already put one in here mouth. Here face screwed up as the grape was bitten into.

"You're right!" she mumbled, "It tastes sour."

"You can try again in September when we pick them to make the wine and rakia you'll love them then."

Kamila was getting used to waiting which goes on a lot in Bulgaria and contently accepted that yo have to wait for the best things in life.

(You can see all about rakia on The Rakia Site)
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