Monday, 18 August 2008

Too Much Farm Work

Every day in Skalitsa, Kamila learns something new. She now knows that it is totally different from the town life. Things here are much slower, but at the same time there are far more jobs to be done.

"I don't know whether I could move here and live here." Kamila suddenly said.

"Why's that Kamila?" we asked.

There is far too much work to be done on the land, then there is the yard and all the animals you have to see to at least twice a day. You have to clean them out and take all the rubbish to the tip. The work is never ending and then there is the crops to look after!"

"You're right Kamila, the work never ends on the farm, it's not a holiday at all for most. You're very lucky to get time here and not have to work" we said.

Kamila is a very lucky camel as she sat on the table thinking about all the people who live here and have to work all hours to make a living.
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