Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Wood Burning Stove

It was with much curiosity that Kamila took with the chunky black wood burner that sat in the living room.

"What is this?" was the expected question as Kamila walked up to observe.

"It's a wood burning stove and we use it to warm the house up, heat water up and sometimes cook on it. We also use it to burn rubbish."

"But it's warm here why do you need the house heated?" Kamila questioned further.

"It gets really cold here in the winter, we just wouldn't survive here without it." we added.

Kamila hadn't been through a Bulgarian winter and in England she was in Hamleys toy shop all the time, she didn't know what it was like to feel cold. And before in Egypt it was hot all year round.

"You'll just have to wait for winter and see for yourself Kamila" we said.

This was all new to Kamila but in the meantime she would make the most oft he long summer here.

"The summers are just right for camels, but I don't think I'd like winter here if it is cold," Kamila said smiling with the thought of the many months of warm weather still to come here.

"Don't worry Kamila" we said, "The wood burner will make sure that you never get cold."
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