Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Kamila helps make Skalitsa Banitsas

It was with great fascination that Kamila watched me make the Skalitsa Banitsas early this morning. Kamila didn't realise how all the ingredients put together in different ways made the end result taste so good. Kamila even helped with the mixing of the yoghurt, flour, egg and baking powder but didn't want to get involved with the messy business of breaking up the sirene (Bulgarian white goat cheese.)

Afterwards, when the Skalitsa Banitsas had cooled down Kamila helped put then all into a plastic container. She knew these could now be stored in the fridge and eaten for up to a week later. "These are going in the freezer Kamila," I said. We will taken them back to Yambol after our holiday and eat them there."

Kamlia was quite pleased with herself, she now considers herself a good cook and now looks forwards to more cooking in Skalitsa. "There's so much food around here," she said looking out into the garden later.

"Yes Kamila, that's one of the reasons we love it here!" we added.
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