Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Storks in Skalitsa

Kamila was feeling quite sad today. The reason was quite simply that tomorrow was the last day here holidaying on the Skalitsa farmhouse. She will be very sorry to go, but at the same time be happy to get back to here friends she left behind in Yambol.

She wondered into the street and saw at the end of the road a stork's nest with three baby stork there. We told her that they will be flying away very soon and will return to nest again next year in the same spot.

Kamila was quite taken with these birds as they were very large and graceful as she saw them glide over her head on occasions.

"Do you get Storks in Yambol?" was the question on Kamila's lips.

"No, just int he villages where they have peace and quiet and lots fields of hay and straw to search for food." we replied. "You can come back next year and see them again Kamila," we added.

To this Kamila turned towards the storks and shouted out, "See you next year storks!"

They didn't hear or understand Kamila, but we didn't tell her that.
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