Saturday, 9 August 2008

Tired Teddies

Kamila was up rather later this morning, the fresh air just knocked her out, there is no pollution here in the village and you can see for miles and miles if you look out onto the garden. You =can even see the mountainous Turkish border to the south and the ski slopes of the Balkans to the north.

As Kamila looked across the room she saw two more teddies, they looked exhausted. Kamila introduced herself and ask why they were so tired.

"We have been up since 4:30 doing farm chores, we've been on the go for four hours now and we are just taking a nap before we start up again." they said with a yawn to finish. "I hope you don't mind but we'd like to rest a while now."

Kamila was quite surprised and wanted to play with them but they were too tired for that. Looks like I'll have to find someone else to play with she thought, every one's to busy at the moment.

With that Kamila just relaxed herself actually feeling a little bit guilty about not helping with the chores and in fact having a holiday. It was a deep thinking Kamila right now.
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