Thursday, 21 August 2008

First it was the tomatoes now another food growing on the farm had the attention of Kamila. She just can't believed how much food is just lying around the farm. Everywhere she looks there is something growing that we will use to eat or store for winter.

We had grown the herb parsley in one area of the farm and Kamila went to have a closer look. She too a little bite and decided that it had a good taste but a little bitter. We explained that we add this to all sorts of dishes and salads especially but we only put a little on at a time.

In fact we were planning to have a potato salad this evening with parsley added and we asked Kamila if she could pick the parsley for us ten minutes before the potatoes were being served.

"Of course, I love to!" was the immediate answer from Kamila. She is such a helpful camel and is becoming quite a 'country bumpkin' right now with her interest in everything here.
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