Friday, 8 August 2008

Up Early

Kamila woke up very early this morning, 5:00 but that what they do in the villages. Kamila said that the silence in the night brought back memories of Egypt, there wasn't a sound to be heard at night there either.

First off, Kamila had new friends to meet, the village folk in the house were a rabbit and two teddies one large and one small. Kamila was a bit shy with them but soon got to know them as they talked about where they had come from and what life was like on a farm. It was very different from the life in Yambol town.

They said that there were more village teddies around but they were out helping milking the goats with our neighbour at the moment. It is a very busy time in the villages right now and the days are very long, we don't get to go on holidays as the animals all need to be tended to every day of the year.

Kamila was confused. If I'm here on holiday then they must be here on holiday all the time were her thoughts. How lucky they are to have a holiday every day of the the year she thought.

Is she right in thinking this?
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