Thursday, 28 August 2008

Back to Yambol

It was a long and lonely path today as Kamila made her way to the car. She was on her way back to Yambol after some three weeks holiday on the Skalitsa Farmhouse. She had a wonderful time and fond out how different it is in the villages compared to the towns in Bulgaria.

She will be reflecting on the experience over the next week no doubt, but right now she is looking forward to seeing Eli again, who is waiting in Yambol for here.

Although Kamila loved it here in Skalitsa, she saw for herself that it is hard work for many people who live here. they have no money and have to grow their own food to survive. Basics such as water is always available although you sometime have to walk to get it but to Kamila and most people living here, that's not a problem.

So, Kamila, full of thought, says goodbye for now to Skalitsa, she will have lots to talk about when she gets back to Yambol.
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