Sunday, 24 August 2008

Barbecue to Come

Inside the summer house we keep out little barbecue set. Kamila was used to barbecues but she had never seen one using a kit, it was always with a couple of stones and dead wood in Egypt.

"Can we use this one day so I can see it work?" Was the request Kamila put in.

"We are due to have one this weekend before you go back to Yambol, you can see it working them Kamila." we replied

Kamila wanted to know what we were going to cook on it, but we didn't know yet. We normally don't decide until the day before we told her as sometimes food just turns up here from neighbours without warning, so we can't really plan ahead that well.

Kamila did notice that we did get a lot of visits with people carrying food and dead animals, now she know why, they are gifts.

"People here must really like us," Kamila said with a smile on her face. "They are so poor but give us so much and I don't understand why." she went on to say.

"That's just how the people in Skalitsa and other villages are are," we said, "Kind and generous to the bone,"
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