Tuesday, 28 July 2009

$1 For A Paid Review - Don't Expect Quality Posts


Away from camel milk chocolate today, there seems to be even more paid ads for just $1 on Pay Per Post and many remain untouched for good reason. Kamila wonders whether the bloggers who do take up these $1 jobs give the advertiser a poor post. Would it be a natural tendency from bloggers to not put much effort in for a sponsored post that insults with such low pay? Surely poor ads would have a negative affect of the service or product so trying to get cut priced ads perhaps isn’t cost effective at all.

Kamila is quite sure that paid a decent rate for writing up a review she would willingly do the best job that she could with that post. Many others must surely be of the same opinion.

$1 For A Paid Review - Don't Expect Quality PostsKamila finds that the subject of paid post comes to the forefront again. Pay Per Post nearly accepted her blog, but at the time she only had one post showing on the home page; Pay Per Post wanted multiple posts. So Kamila tweaked it to their requirement and resubmitted. Hoofs crossed, this time she may squeeze in. The waiting game resumes for Kamila.

Ending with a question from Kamila. “Does anyone have any idea when this recession is over?”
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2 comments: on "$1 For A Paid Review - Don't Expect Quality Posts"

Daisy said...

I am crossing my paws that you get accepted, Kamila!

I sure hope the recession ends soon. My Daddie just got laid off from his job of 25 years!

Anonymous said...

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