Monday, 13 July 2009

Kamila's Choice - Firefox 3.5 or EC Toolbar - Who Won?

Kamila's Choice - Firefox 3.5 or EC Toolbar - Who Won?After a weekend of violent storms and broken power cables in the village farmhouse, Kamila was quite relieved to get back to the Yambol City house. It had been quite a scary time with the weather the last 48 hours.

It was back to blogging and Kamila is beginning to experiment with new programmes and system to make life a little easier with certain chores online. One very useful tool she had recently found was the Entrecard toolbar. She could drop any time she wanted using the toolbar menu and didn’t have to log into Entrecard each time. She had been using this for a few weeks now and thought she couldn’t live without it.

Then Mozilla came out with a new Firefox 3.5 browser version and Kamila downloaded this with great gusto as the previous version had many glitches. Once downloaded she found that the EC toolbar wouldn’t function as it wasn’t compatible with the new version of Firefox!

So Kamila was faced with a choice of the EC toolbar and the older Firefox 3.1 version with its glitches, or leave the new firefox 3.5 browser running and live without the EC toolbar. She chose the latter only because of the annoying bugs that the older version of firefox kept throwing at her.

Kamila's Choice - Firefox 3.5 or EC Toolbar - Who Won?Kamila also wrote to Entrecard (Graham) and asked whether the EC toobar can be modified to run with Mozilla Firefox 3.5. Hopefully this can be done and Kamila will have the best of both worlds.

Kamila wonders whether anyone else has had to choose between the two and if so what was your choice?

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3 comments: on "Kamila's Choice - Firefox 3.5 or EC Toolbar - Who Won?"

cornyman said...


here you can find an unofficial update of the EntreBar for Firefox 3.5

Unofficial EntreBar for Firefox 3.5 from TopClanz

cornyman said...

But we all know that the official version is the safest one ;-)
I'm still with Firefox 3.1 :-D

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Martin, Thanks,
Kamila will give it a go, finger's crossed.

Why does Entrecard support never reply to queries or problems? That's one side of EC that needs to be brushed up.