Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dangling Carrot - No Guarantees Though

Dangling Carrot - No Guarantees ThoughImage via Wikipedia

It is Kamila now with her thinking cap on as she tries now to think about how to get people to stop off more at her blog when they are surfing. She is becoming a little concerned with the bounce rate of her visitors and knows that this could affect her PR2 as it stands.

Kamila knows that in order for someone to dwell on her blog she has to have preverbal carrot dangling on a stick. Now Kamila doesn’t confess to be too knowledgeable just yet into the complexities of psychology and advertising skills, but she not stupid and on a first level she has a good idea that many might want to follow.

Surfing through the first thing Kamila sees on a blog is the title and the next thing either a wad of text or a picture. Kamila just thought over this and came to the conclusion that the title has to be such that it would pull blogger, that was the first thing. The title is the most important aspect of a blog. To prove this you just have to surf and make a list of the blogs that you dwelled upon, it is the titles that swung it. Try it make a list of those blogs you read and see if Kamila is right.

Dangling Carrot - No Guarantees ThoughThe next thing Kamila thought of was pictures, they make such a difference to a blog posting. If you have a title that pulls you in and an interesting and relevant picture within the same frame you are well on your way to avoiding a bouncing guest. It is such a simple formula but with no guarantees. If someone is just there for the drop no matter what you put in your post to entice won’t make any difference.

Well Kamila knows the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, but is happy that she had discovered a little more about how to attract bloggers for longer.

Kamila says, “Wow, it’s hot here today!”

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6 comments: on "Dangling Carrot - No Guarantees Though"

Daisy said...

I have found that the longer and more complicated a post is, the less likely it is to get comments. I think you are right, too, that a punchy title is important. Sometimes we don't spend enough time on that.

Kamila The Camel said...

The carrot (title and picture) worked her Daisy!

Kamila hopes your purrs are going well right now.

cornyman said...

Hello Kamila aka Martin,

Bounce rate has always two sides. When we use EntreCard and Adgitize as traffic generator (and i saw from your Project Wonderful data that it's your main source), then we have to accept a high bounce rate if we drop daily on the same members.

This is the case because most of the readers don't want to read the same article again when we don't update daily. And on the other side if we update daily, the regular Dropper only have to read the actual post. In these cases we will always have a high bounce rate.

I think we should also look at the time the visitors spend before they bounce off. This shows us more about the fact if the article was interesting or not.

At the moment i see on the Baby-blog a slightly higher bounce rate from Adgitize than from Entrecard (93 to 92%) but the members from Adgitize stay usually longer (instead of 20 seconds up to 40 or 60 seconds).

When i look at my Baby-Blog which was established in late February with casual visits just from friends and relatives, afterwards i started to promote it in late April with EntreCard and then following in June with Adgitize.
I got the PR2 in the End of May (already with a high bounce rate).

I'm sure even Wikipedia (or let's think of dictionaries) might have a high bounce rate because usually we just watch for example for the Word "Bounce Rate", read it and then surf to our next destination. But they don't get a penalty because of the bounce rate.

In the end, the PR is just good for advertising reasons because when i look at my One Minute Guide. Then i got on the first page of Google within some days for the Search "what is pandemic and epidemic" and "bounce rate explained" but this changes daily, sometimes i'm under the TOP 10, sometimes under the TOP 30.
For this blog i don't have yet an PR but the SERP is the best from the beginning of the blog (April 09).

What does this tell us... forget PR and bounce rate... just make little bit SEO and keep writing interesting and funny articles like Kamila does!

Wow, in the last time i write too much... ;-)

Flo said...

Kamila, I love stopping at your blog and reading it. Living in the U.S. I find the adventures of an Egyptian camel in Bulgaria absolutely fascinating. I don't visit as often as I'd like to, but when I do come by I usually stay for a while catching up on posts I missed. I do think a catchy title is important and as Daisy said posts shouldn't be too long or complicated. Well, if you figure out the magic of stopping bouncers be sure and post it.

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Cornyman,
Kamila here,
You work too hard Martin!
I read your comment with great interest and it made total sense. The only reason I want a decent PR really for the feel good factor and possibly to qualify for a few paid posts. Sometimes however, I feel that Google is acting like an Internet God where at the end of the day they are just a search engine albeit a big one.

Tbnaks for you positive view on things, you also give the feel good factor to many people and one camel.


Hello Flo,
I hope everyitng is hunky dorey in the US.
I must admit, 18 months ago if someone asked me where I'd be Bulgaria would be the last place I woudl have thought of. Stuck in Hamely's Toy Shop in Oxford Street for six months wasn't pleasant but not I have a great deal of freedom and just loving the summer here blogging.
Thank you for your encouragemnet, I get butterflies each time someone compliments me.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

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