Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Project Wonderful Changes - Little Tips From Kamila

A big ooops! from Kamila as this was posted a few days ago buy all the data was lost when she tried to edit it. So Kamila has had to write it all over again. Sorry for those who commented on the original post, these were lost as well - Kamila on the learning curve, she's sure other have done the same at some point.

Project Wonderful Changes - A Little Tip From KamilaYou may have noticed that Kamila has put out a few more Project Wonderful ads on the top of her blog. She prudently took this opportunity to do so while the bids were briefly at $0.0. The reason for this was that to change the format of your Project Wonderful ads you have to cancel all sponsors bids and start from scratch again.

Kamila felt that there were a few bidders out there that weren't being shown she made provisions for more ad spaces. She knows that the ad price will fall and hopes that it will bring i a ;little extra at the end of the day. Project Wonderful is really fun to use and Kamila spends ages surfing through Project Wonderful member's blog to see if she can get an ad or two in place. It is quite time consuming though if you are new to the system, but by using the many filter systems inbuild into the site you can find exactly the right place to bid ofr your ad very simply.

Project Wonderful Changes - A Little Tip From KamilaTo date, there haven't been many bids on the row of ads placed by Kamila, but hopefully when bloggers see that the traffic she is now generating is growing this may well spark interest. Bidders get a full view of the traffci records of all blog they bid on. The other beauty is if you search you can place ads without any payment at all, but this is restricted to a limited period but well worth it if you have the time to search.

Although Project Wonderful doesn't give Kamila too much traffic, it is another system where she is being seen with a good blog community and of course a good quality backlink. Well worth just registering for just that!

"Have a fun day!" says Kamila.

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2 comments: on "Project Wonderful Changes - Little Tips From Kamila"

Eli said...

What? Zero charge in your Project Wonderful ad spaces? So how can you make money out of it? I bidded for 0.03 a day for your ad space, and I placed 2 adverts (pls. see in your banner space). It means you should be earning at a gross of $ 0.06 a day from my 2 adverts alone, minus PW share. Anyway, if there is an amount more than zero $, I'll also bid for your ad space, because I like your blog and always entertained reading your posts. So cool, nice and unique posts!

Eli, Business Sphere blog

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Eli,
Looks like it may be a glich with PW's system. Kamila is looking into it right now.
Thanks for for the comment, follow and sponsorship, Kamila hopes you wil be rewarded with some traffic.