Tuesday, 14 July 2009

EC Toolbox And Firefox Compatibility Problem Solved

EC Toolbox And Firefox Compatibility Problem SolvedKamila had a problem yesterday choosing between Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or EC toolbar, both very good innovations, but a choice had to be made at that time. A message was sent straight away from Kamila’s friend Cornyman (picture to the right) to tell here that there was a new version of the EC toolbar that runs with Firefox 3.5 and that she might want to try it.

EC Toolbox And Firefox Compatibility Problem SolvedWell try it Kamila did and it worked really well. So now she has the best of both worlds with firefox and Entrecard working together to provide a more effective and user-friendly system.

Kamila is a very happy camel right now, but not solely because she has her blogging wish list fulfilled but that there are blogging friend that are there to help.

EC Toolbox And Firefox Compatibility Problem Solved“People who have time for others are the best kind of people,” Kamila says. And on that note Kamila now is on task with some surfing whilst dropping using the EC toolbar!

A PS from Kamila to say that the EC toolbar she was recommended and now uses can be found here - > www.topclanz.net
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2 comments: on "EC Toolbox And Firefox Compatibility Problem Solved"

Shelly said...

I'm going to try that now. I've been having problems FOREVER and hopefully this will help. Thanks!

Kamila The Camel said...

Good luck Shelly says Kamila