Thursday, 30 July 2009

Goods News For Kamila - Persistence Paid

Goods News For Kamila - Persistence Paid

Some good news today for Kamila as she opens her emails as she normally does. There was a message from PayPerPost saying that Kamila’s blog is now accepted and she can now write sponsored posts.

Well it just proves that persistence pays. Kamila had applied a couple of months before and not accepted, so she got her act together and started writing posts more often and applied again last month. She was refused again due to only have one post on the home page. This was adjusted and she reapplied yet again and today was a result.

Goods News For Kamila - Persistence PaidKamila just hope now that she get some work. Nothing more that $1 commissions today she won’t be diddled with these, so she’ll look for jobs again tomorrow. That digital camera replacing the one that came with the Ark looks a step nearer now.

This is a lesson many could learn from – If you get rejected, NEVER GIVE UP!

“Rock On Ya All!” says Kamila.
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5 comments: on "Goods News For Kamila - Persistence Paid"

Ann said...

Congratulations Kamila. Way to go!

Eli said...

Wow! My favorite blogger Kamila is now going places. But that $ 1 for a pay per post job is an insult for Kamila, knowing her ingenuity, persistence, and her talents for writing well-written posts. Still persistence pays, and Kamila will surely find other good opportunities in the marketplace for her to review and post and get decent income.

Eli, Business Sphere

Fisher said...

Congratulations, Kamila, and the best of luck to you. Persistence can pay off after all. I hope you love your new assignments and thanks for spreading hope around to the bloggers.

Daisy said...

Congratulations, Kamila!

Kamila The Camel said...

Wow! Kamila is quite taken back by the support here. A big thanks you! "Oh well back to work now I suppose!" She says.