Friday, 10 July 2009

Nearly Top Of Pile With Adgitize

Kamila has found that she and her team under ‘Bulgarian Scrapbook’ is now is second place to Cornymans Moneypage on Adgitize. We had been lingering between 3rd and 4th place for a few weeks now, but we now find ourselves moving up even further nearer to the top the pile and we are all a bit excited seeing us there.

1 Blog Name: Cornymans Moneypage Total Points: 4066

2 Blog Name: Bulgarian Scrapbook Total Points: 4060

3 Blog Name: nuke it dot org Total Points: 4040

4 Blog Name: Positive Men Total Points: 4032

5 Blog Name: Gas Savers Total Points: 4030

6 Blog Name: Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine Total Points: 3950

7 Blog Name: Wishing On A Falling Star Total Points: 3850

Kamila realises that being right next to the top doesn’t mean we earn more than others. Just getting 300 points a day will guarantee the fee back for advertising and profit on top. This is of course without any affiliate commissions taken on at a rate of $5 per new signing on.

All in all Kamila finds that this is probably the best advertising system on the Internet right now. Where else would you get paid to have you site advertised!? It takes only some 10 minutes each day to click on the 51 ads need to get that extra 100 points in addition to your daily blog post (100 points) and advertising reward of another 100 points. This brings the total to a guaranteed 300 plus further points for clicks on your ads meaning full revenue paid each day covering more than the advertising cost of $0.50.

Nearly Top Of Pile With AdgitizeSo it is a weekend of celebration in the Bulgarian, household as Kamila and her family toast to being oin silver medal position with Adgitize right now. Kamila realises however that could all change tomorrow as it is to tight with points accumulated at the top and we could drop as quickly as we rise.

The box is waiting below to anyone who wants to join the Adgitize system.

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