Thursday, 2 July 2009

Kamila Opts Back Into AdSense Mode For Good Reason

Kamila Opts Back Into Adsense Mode For Good Reason

It has been a month now with Adbrite and Kamila is not happy at all with either the funds she gets or some of the ads that are put on there. At time there was impromptu ads that popped up and readers had to click on the top right hand side to get rid of it. Kamila humbly apologises for this. She did actually opt out of that kind of ad on application, but it obviously got through somehow.

Kamila Opts Back Into Adsense Mode For Good ReasonIt is now back on home ground to good old AdSense. She may only get a few cents a day, but at least the ads are reliable and there is a chance of a bigger funds from clicks every now and again. With Adbrite it was 1 cent a day and that wasn’t going to improve.

Kamila knew that you need lots of traffic to attract ads that pay more and that just wasn’t going to happen with Adbrite.

“Oh well!” says Kamila, “At least I tried.”

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3 comments: on "Kamila Opts Back Into AdSense Mode For Good Reason"

Daisy said...

You can't blame a camel for trying!

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Daisy,
Just like her hump blogging has its ups and downs.
Have a great weekend and chill out.
Regards from Kamila

Blogger said...

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