Friday, 24 July 2009

Money And Paid Ads No Big Loss For Many On Entrecard

More pertaining to a parrot then a camel Kamila will repeat the news that Entrecard is ending EC to convert to cash alongside the dropping of paid ads. Well we all knew this was coming it was just a matter of time before the cat was let out of the bags. Kamila now wonders how many EC members will leave the bandwagon knowing that this is not a cash driven community any more.

In a way although Kamila has lost the opportunity to cash her EC credits, which were being saved for a digital camera (and she has a hefty sum) they are still valuable in a different way. Using the EC credits for more advertising and buying goods and services the EC market place in some ways is just as good as cash.

It is with a sigh of relief from Kamila that paid ads are dropped, this was a bone of contention to many EC members, with Kamila as no exception. She felt that many members were put off with only getting half the exposure for the same ‘fee’ was a bit of a rip off.

Money And Paid Ads No Big Loss For Many On EntrecardThe new owners have been decisive and made decisions that won’t please all, but those EC members who joined for the reasons of upping traffic and community spirit must be dancing a little, Kamila did a little jig when she heard.

Kamila thought again and wonders whether anyone would like to put a digital camera up in EC marketplace for Kamila to buy with credit. This would be a great help to her and her master.

“Have fun over the weekend!” Kamila says.
Money And Paid Ads No Big Loss For Many On Entrecard

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6 comments: on "Money And Paid Ads No Big Loss For Many On Entrecard"

Ann said...

I could use a new camera too. As for the cash in it doesn't bother me. I joined just to get more exposure for my blog.

Daisy said...

Happy weekend, Kamila! I hope the marketplace will become more active now, too.

I am glad to see the end of paid ads, but I am a little sorry that I didn't cash any of my credits in before it was too late!

cornyman said...

Hi Martin,

i signed up for the CashOut-Program but until now i couldn't receive the money for the 10.000 ECs. So it seems it's just one day left until they stop paying out.

Let's wait and see if i get a surprise mail from Paypal tomorrow.

By the way, if someone wants to sponsor the biggest EC contest (5.000 EC and above), please feel free to contact me by direct message in Entrecard.

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Ann Daisy and Martin,

Money was a big bonus, but no tears here.

Martin, I think that those applying for cash out will get what they have in the kitty, but when the pot of cash runs out that's it.

Kamila didn't apply for the cash out option in the first place so no hope at all there.

MamaFlo said...

I've also noticed that Entrecard is loading faster and is less buggy.
I think only time will tell how the new owners will move forward with EC.

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi MamaFlo,

I must admit hadn't noticed the faster loading. I agree things to come will be interesting, hopefully with bloggers opinions at heart, it can only get better Kamila feels.