Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Blogger Blogroll - Now In Action

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Yet another very useful tip Kamila had realised she hadn’t taken up. She should have done this when she first set up her blog, but is just got left. “THE BLOG ROLL”. This of course is for those bloggers under the banner of "Blogger".

This is such a great tool for listing blog you like and another great way of encouraging others to get you on their blogroll as a swap. Kamila has many friends but really up until now hadn’t anywhere to put them. Kamila is kicking herself that she didn’t’ start this earlier in her business blogging career.

The blogroll widget can be as big or as small as you want, Kamila decided that if she was going to show off here friends on her blog she might as well do it properly so her option was to have a little picture and the title and excerpt from the latest post.

Kamila is now determine to remember to put all her friends that run her favourite blogs on her blogroll when she next visits them. So if you know Kamila, look out for your blog and most recent post that will be rolling off on Kamila’s new widget.

It is becoming quite clear to Kamila that there are 1001 things to do on blogs, but the little by little system is working very well. Still dropping Entrecards, Adgitize clicks and listing in directories as a daily routine – And most important, writing posts.

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