Monday, 20 July 2009

No More New Cash Outs Options For Entrecard Members?

No More New Cash Outs Options For Entrecard Members?Image via CrunchBase

What a weekend Kamila had! It was 40 degrees centigrade over the weekend in the village and reminded her of her youth in Egypt but fertile soil instead of sand. Relaxing just didn’t take place though as she lent a hand with harvesting the onions and prepare the soil for the next crop of winter cabbage and leeks.

Arriving back to town it was blogging again and the whole weekend Entrecard and the take over was on Kamila’s mind. Together we have over 100,000 EC and were going to use those funds to buy a new digital camera as the one we own right now is really in a bad state of repair. But now the new owners have stopped the option to join up to covert credits into cash it seems that the intentions of the new owners is to halt the payments in their tracks. Kamila is sure the Graham Langdon made it a condition to honour previous credit to cash prior to their takeover but future payments remain very much in doubt. It looks like that camera will have to wait quite a while longer as Kamila didn’t register for the cash swap condition beforehand.

At this moment Kamila has also notice a few Entrecard members leaving, not many, but see can fully understand why to some who use this solely as an earner rather than a social building tool.
It is a camel that remains loyal to Entrecard as long as the new company tread carefully and have bloggers at the bottom of their heart. Business is business so they have to make money, but Kamila feels that the potential of Entrecard, unique in its field, gives room for something for everyone. Indeed, Kamila feels that a little competition for Entrecard with a similar system would go well to urge Entrecard out of the monopoly they have right now.

No More New Cash Outs Options For Entrecard Members?All things considered Kamila feels that apart from the sign up for cash option being taken away, nothing has changed, but she feels that the wheels of change will turn slowly around, but it is more with excitement than pessimism, Entrecard can’t afford to make more mistakes as they have in the past and the new company must be aware of that is they have any sense.

“Chiao for Niao” Says Kamila, “And thanks for the positive comments guys”.
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3 comments: on "No More New Cash Outs Options For Entrecard Members?"

lizzie said...

I just rejoined Ciao after a break but I do agree that it is good for bloggers. As for the cashout thing, there are bound to be grumble. Sorry you missed out on your camera.

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Lizzie,
This is funny, Kamila meant 'Chiao' as a 'Goodbye' which is the translation in Bulgarian. LOL

That's put a bigger grin on Kamnila's face!

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