Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Adgitize Hits The Mark In Traffic And Profits

Kamila and her team just got paid by Adgitize for the month of June. As you can see, after the deductin of $14 for a month of advertising fees, there is a hefty sum of $9.81 profit. Kamila as some of you may know works with her master who has other blogs from Bulgaria, but she is very much part of the team.

So, Kamila in her new found wisdom more than suggests that Adgitize remains as part of the makeup of her daily routine of just blogging and clicking on a few Adgitize advertising blogs that takes a split second longer as they are alongside Entrecard blogs. "Easy money and great advertsing and traffic return" as Kamila says.

Here is the notification we got today.

Payment details

Amount: $23.19 USD

Transaction Date: Jul 8, 2009

Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: Adgitize Publisher Payment June 2009

Thank you for being a Publisher/Affiliate in the Adgitize Ad Network. This is payment for June 2009 Affiliate services and / or accumulated months as a publisher showing Adgitize Ads. Thank you, Ken Brown, Adgitize

Custom note: Adgitize Publisher Payment June 2009

If you want to join the friendly team of Adgitizers and be as happy as Kamila, just click on the ad here:

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4 comments: on "Adgitize Hits The Mark In Traffic And Profits"

Joy said...

I agree totally! Adgitize has been working out very well for me. It is not very much effort, gives me a ton more traffic, and makes me money back too!

Kamila The Camel said...

Kamila says " Hi Joy".
She just hopes that the advertiser sponsor base for Adgitize get bigger over the next few months.

cornyman said...

Hey Kamila (or Martin... same name like me :-) ),

Congratulation to your payment... i got also my payment yesterday. Will post in the next hours about it. Did you know that we compete at the moment on the Leaderboard in Adgitize at the TOP 3.

Good luck for our journey!

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Martin (alias Cornyman)

Kamila says, "What's 6 points between friends". Seen your post and Kamila has just made another.

Have a good weekend.