Thursday, 23 July 2009

What Is The Optimum Length Of Posts? - Easy Really

There is a question that entered Kamila's head after Daisy The Curly Cat commented on her last post about how to keep bloggers on your site to avoid another bounce statistic.
Daisy's Quote:

What Is The Optimum Length Of Posts - Easy ReallyI have found that the longer and more complicated a post is, the less likely it is to get comments. I think you are right, too, that a punchy title is important. Sometimes we don't spend enough time on that.

Kamila has been thinking about how long should apost be with this comment then it suddenly occured to her that is was obvious. 200 words must be the optimum length of a post to gain maximum affect in pulling power after title and picture to spark up interest.

And how did Kamila decide that his was tha case? Simple she sought professional advise and who esle better to go to that advertisers and marketing folk.

What Is The Optimum Length Of Posts - Easy ReallyHaving been rejected from Pay Per Post she noticed that most advertisers ask for a post to be 200 words in length. This can therefore be taken as gospel as the most apt length after all they have done all the research to find the peaks of advertsing success.

So around 200 words are what bloggers should aim for, mind you most do in Paid Posts anyway so it is a good habit to get into.
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2 comments: on "What Is The Optimum Length Of Posts? - Easy Really"

cornyman said...


like almost always

it depends :-)

When i look at my guides... persons who are really interested in it... read them even when they have much more than 200 words but some stop after the 2nd or 3rd part *lol*

Sometimes i wonder myself why the article is that long, then i have to decide if i make it in two or three parts... for some more pageviews or just for a better reading feeling.

You're articles have usually the correct length - less than 3 minutes to read!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Kamila- I saw your blog months ago, and didn't bookmark it. I've been hunting for it ever since ('cause I couldn't remember your name!), and I just found you thanks to your CMF ad. Now I've made you a favorite!