Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Spam For Breakfast?

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Every morning before breakfast Kamila checks her email and comments box. If someone makes a comment on your blog Kamila thinks it is quite rude not to acknowledge or reply to it. At the very least she feels that bloggers who comment should be thanked for taking the time and effort to do so. Spam comment are a different story.

There is one big exception to the rule of replying to comments and Kamila used to get very annoyed that this happens. People who spam are not very considerate people and remain a nuisance to many a decent caring blogger at the best of times. At first Kamila wasn’t quite sure what spam was. But over time she began to realise that genuine comments stand out far apart from spamming comments. In fact they are not comments at all but a presentation of an online business card that invoke scams and the likes.

It was the cases that Kamila used to follow many of these spam messages up as in the early days, not to far gone, she was quite humbled by receiving messages from anyone, it was quite a novelty, but this novelty factor wore off very quickly and annoyance set in. It was just wasting Kamila’s time and energy sifting through these spam messages and some were actually blatant criminal activities. Kamila didn’t know why the police just didn’t get stuck in following them up and arresting people at the other end.

Kamila still gets lots spam even through spam filters she had installed. Those that do get through she just ignores. A quick click and they are gone. Life in all circle has its good and bad sides, the Internet is no exception and like everything else Kamila has found that taking the rough with the smooth is the only way. She certainly won’t let spam upset her; if it did they would have won the war.
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3 comments: on "Spam For Breakfast?"

Lizzie said...

Hi Kamila, I agree with you entirely. I don't like Spam for breakfast in its tinned form, so when you mentioned getting it on your blog too, my instant reaction was 'yuk!' Let's ban SPAM

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Lizzie,
No probolem for Kamila, she's a vegetarian! lol

Ann said...

I am a much less experienced blogger so I have not had the problem of spam comments yet, and if I have I haven't recognized it. It's good to know that you handle it well Kamila.